George Politis AWS, RI
Watermedia artist




I liked everything in the workshop and how it was organized. I felt very comfortable and didn’t need to think about any organizational things.
I liked very much the demonstrations parts, when we could watch how you are working. I haven’t got that before form any teacher and I found it very useful.

I liked that you openly shared all your techniques, process, colours etc.
I liked that you gave a lot of attention to each of us and help when we struggled.
I liked the food very much!
I liked the people from all over the world with different experience and opportunity to communicate with them.
Mostly I liked to work in studio it was easier to concentrate.
I didn’t know that those workshops could be so valuable and interesting. Now my expectations to other workshops will be very high!J
I am the lucky one, because it was random search and I got the best!
I am very happy and will never forget this trip. I got inspired!J

V. B. (Lithuania)


I would like to thank you George for this incredible opportunity to paint in this paradise island with you and other fellow artists from many parts of the world. I enjoyed the experience from every point of view, the lication is just breathtaking, the sunsets are rhe most impressive I have ever seen. The white houses in contrast with the intense blue of the sea and some roofs became part of my being for that period and could see them even with my eyes closed.Santorini is still unspoilt to a certain degree, its flavour is unique and would go back there again and again. So much to be painted still.
Thank you George for your invaluable guidance in our studio and plein air painting. Your professionalism is second to none.We all learned a lot and became good friends with the others, your total care and attention made us feel so welcome and looked after.
I would repeat the experience surely and can recommend it to anyone who loves to paint and to be in our purest Mediterranean with fantastic food and wines.

A. B. (Spain)



I absolutely loved George Politis’ watercolor workshop in Santorini.
On a last minute whim I flew to Santorini from the U.S. George picked me up from the airport and quickly orchestrated my hotel arrangements.
George is so thoughtful and attuned to the needs of all his students, both artistic (all levels) and otherwise.
He has so much to share about watercolor, and Santorini. We had a mix of plein air and studio time, and explored a wide variety of techniques and subject matter. This is an intense watercolor learning experience, with great dining, site-seeing, camaraderie, and even some downtime at the beach. George also organized a show of our work in Greece the next year. My Santorini watercolors were accepted into juried shows back home.
My watercolor expertise definitely improved. The participants regularly keep in touch in a group thread and on fb. This is a once in a lifetime experience.

M. K. (USA)



Like lot of people, I dreamed of discovering Santorini one day, my dream became reality thanks to George.
Correction: my dream became reality and George sublimated it.
He welcomed us like real friends and did everything to make our stay unforgettable. From reception at the airport, a quiet hotel, to the choice of excellent small restaurants, George has thought of everything, offering us the best conditions for our watercolor course.George shares his art with extreme generosity and modesty. His artistic work is varied and very original. It was a magnificent artistic and human experience which I hope will be renewed quickly.

M. D. (Belgium)



I visited dozens of WorkShops.
I am a strong watercolor WorkShop addict, I must confess. I saw almost everything: big studios, small dirty rooms, all-sharing artists and the “greediest” ones (those ones with “easy paintings” which you just cannot follow due to no comments at all).
And then George Politis WorkShop happened...
Did I say WorkShop?It was anything BUT WorkShop!
It was PlayShop, EnjoyShop, FunShop... But never have I “worked” for a minute!
Tons of knowledge about composition, color solutions, values and volume, incredible techniques, useful things that you learn and practice right out- and it all works! All works - except you: you just relax enjoy painting like you never did before... And that’s what real Watercolor should feel like!!! Wonderful sites for plain air, cozy studio for work with more “dirty” materials. All mixed with sunny Greek wine and friendly laughs on delicious meals...
Greatest shout out to George for excellently organized and the most-must-visit Watercolor WorkShop ever!!!

V. R. (Ukraine)



I feel so liberated! I have been working from photos and creating a painting that replicated the original completely. When I varied what I saw, I was told that I wasn’t painting the subject correctly.I really can’t express my gratitude for helping me find the path to creating from within me. I enjoy finding every nook and cranny in the photo to add to my painting to make it look more realistic, but I wasn’t in control of my own creativity.

J.S. (USA)



At first... I had great time in this workshop. An amazing group. Best memories from each day! I liked the fact that

  • EVERYTHING was so well planned and organized.

  • We were following the schedule

  • It was loose but professional

  • George was so generous, he gave us so much information/insight and also pdf files with step

    by step directions! He also made sure that everything would be really so smooth, and we had no problems. He has great patience!!

    I also liked

  • George’s amazing humor

  • The studio! Quite, fresh, not hot (as one would expect). Each one had ample space, a whole

    table actually!

  • The visits all over the island! George has carefully selected beautiful places. The restaurants

    with amazing views!!!

  • The hotel and their service!

    All in all, it is a very well organized workshop, that provides so much knowledge. The ones who come, leave with so much knowledge and beautiful memories. I had the chance to practice what I love, I had great company, I had great time! George is an amazing teacher, but even more... a great person!

    C. M. (Greece)



Thank you SO much for your generous guidance, thoughtful feedback, & detailed instructions during your /our Painting Workshop!
It was a fabulous week.

E. M. B. (USA)



It is hard to imagine an experience quite as magical as our time in Santorini. It certainly which far exceeded any expectations I may have had. Even though I had been to Santorini before and I had participated in several zoom workshops with you, I had not realized what a special combination this would be.You are certainly a highly recognized artist who easily shares his talents and skills, but also you are truly a master teacher. It is obvious that you enjoy seeing others grow and flourish.
Yet my favorite part was your attention to each of us with motivating instruction, anticipating individual needs while flawlessly managing tons of logistics.Your pride for Greece was obvious as you delighted in sharing the history, beauty, uniqueness, flavors, foods, wine, views and colors.
The studio was a great place to learn and I loved its character and history. Meals were excellent with many options. Plus the tours and sights were excellent. The transfers took a great deal of effort on your part which was genuinely appreciated.

C. B. (USA)



I would not even call it a workshop... Maybe a fun shop or a gathering of creative energy, definitely not work. I will be highly recommending this to my watercolor community. Not only did George give us a wealth of knowledge with watercolor, I still hear him, it will take months to absorb my new skills. He gave us Greece ...the food, music, sunsets and wine.George is special, the most gracious host, seamlessly taking care of our every needs and more. I can hardly express my gratitude... a once in a lifetime experience (maybe twice).
I would love to come back .

S. L. (USA)